Photo Shoots of My Vintage Christmas Cookie Cutters...


Since we were headed to my mom’s for Thanksgiving, I took the opportunity to take photos of my vintage cookie cutter fabric collage ornaments in her very formal living room.

Before we left, I packed the ornaments, had my cameras in the car, and planned a route from the southwest part of the state diagonally up highway 285 to search for a table top tree in Denver before heading up north. First stop in South Denver was the giant blue cube on the horizon called IKEA.

I totally forgot how much I hate IKEA! Not my idea of a fun outing ,following a mod of mindless shoppers around and around a underground market place like drones in a maze! Reminded me of the Borg alien space ship on one of the Star Trek spin offs. Jon almost lost it, only pacified when he saw pickled herring and Swedish food that reminded him of his grandmother!

We finally escaped after finding the Christmas decorations literally right before the checkout which was right by the exit doors which were right beside the entrance doors we unfortunately went into!! And all though they did have table top trees I was very disappointed in the quality, yes, they were cheap but also cheaply made. I feel like IKEA is just a glorified Sams club or Costco. Come to think of it, twenty years ago, I did go and check the IKEA out when it first came to Denver and it will take another twenty years before I forget how much I hate IKEA.

To recover psychological and still on a mission to find my table top tree somewhere in the metropolis of Denver, I dragged Jon to a nearby Crate and Barrel and angels started to sing! …

Those aren’t my angel they’re musician angels from the fresco paintings of the Basilica dei Santi Apostoli, by Melozzo da Forli (Pinacoteca of the Vatican Museums) Click on ‘em to listen to them sing… (photo cred: www, )

No seriously they sang and I cried as I walked through the bright shiny doors where in front of me was a clustered of glowing lighted white birch trees in three sizes! And before I had wandered around the whole store, for my own recovery therapy, I had found two other options and brought Jon in with my bag of ornaments then sent him back to the car and hung my ornaments on all the trees til I knew which one I wanted. Believe me he was happier in the car with his Twitter to read up on the news.

There were so many mini Christmas balls that looked great along side my ornaments. Crate and Barrel is Scandinavian style at it’s finest. If you want to know the story about how such a style came to be click here for my previous blog on Karen Larrson (one of the #5womenartist blog I did back in 2017) who is credited with being the inspiration for what we call Scandinavian style.

Then when we got to my mom’s, I staged her living room, turned on the glittery lights and Ta’dah!

DSC_0007 (1).jpg

I’m eclectic, so folk artsy vintage cookie cutters on a minimalist tree in my mom’s very formal Victorian- ish living room….I like.

DSC_0053 copy.jpg

Actually she lives in a very cool mid century modern house, so the eclectic leanings comes from her, I guess. I did borrow her vintage star tree topper, tried to talk her out of it but she wouldn’t budge.

DSC_0007 (1).jpg

So the idea to use cookie cutters came to me in an antique mart- cause I love domestic history, have always loved the “shapes and materials” of vintage containers and for many many years have been pondering what I might be able to do with them…


I can’t keep track of all the place I have collected vintage containers, mostly in Colorado, including Sawpit ( outside Telluride) Montrose, Grand Junction, Durango, Ouray, Loveland and Alt- which is a small farm community on the east side of I-25 with a picturesque grain elevator and a nice downtown full of antique malls. ( where everyone apparently has been eating processed cheese, previously bought in wooden boxes, forever!)

It has taken some time and some trial and a lot of error to figure out how to transform the vintage cutters into ornaments. Not there yet, still trying different ways to attach loops and beads to ‘em to finish them off. Did find, in Santa Fe, a few strings of circa 1950’s glass Mardi Gras beads to put on top.


Oh my, if that cookie cutter could talk, where did it get those dings and scratches?

Balance is another issue, have even put mini weights, i.e. pennies to balance the sides evenly so that the cookie cutter hangs well. “Out of season” but turkeys are really unbalanced birds…


Got that idea from watching a documentary on London which included how they regulate the clock in Big Ben to go the right speed- stacks of coins.

Still experimenting on how to fill the space with the shape of the cookie cutter, either allowing for some background, or not, still haven’t decide which way I like. Every Santa face is different and what stitch I used in the beard is different and as usual I like a little of each…


Also trying to figure out how to finish the edges…. first tried wrapping fabric backs around cardboard or foam board cut outs, like the Santa with the blue background… that worked okay but on my table top angels because of all the angles, not so much and am going through and redo the girls…

cookiecutterangel_africanamericanan0001 copy.jpg
cookiecutterangel_africanamericanan0004 copy.jpg

Have settled on two layers of wool felt as a back ground works best, whether that is the background like the chicken below…


or I fill the whole space with no background like the rabbit below and I whip stitched around the edges in the colors of the collage, completely hiding the felt.


Yup…It is all hand stitched and takes some time….but I’ve been enjoying working on Christmas ornaments since the summer…


and did another photo shoot this fall, when we drove up to Steamboat Springs Colorado to meet Daughter #1 and a friend, who came down from “grad” school to enjoy the last of the colors in the Rockies. If you know Steamboat, you will recognize the angel tree wall downtown we used as a background, not so much for the angel wings but for the almost perfect neutral grey wall, which I prefer to a background of white for my artwork, but we do enjoy the wall…


my little angels hand modeled some star ornaments, need to make more, since these have sold out…


This really unusual Angel cookie cutter ornament, which could be for gingerbread…

LARGE ANGEL ORNAMENT20180905_0004.jpg

I found in Grand Junction when Jon had a business meeting up there and I was pursing antique malls, I had an idea right away and even sat down at a outside cafe waiting for him, and sketched it out…


Then used it for my Christmas card…

Inside says “ Christ is Born!”

Inside says “ Christ is Born!”

We did enjoy our “Urban” or “Suburban” Thanksgiving over on the front range. To be honest, sometime being surround by multiply eating, shopping and entertainment options is nice, I confess, but then I staring missing this…


beautiful view from my front porch, but not a Starbucks in sight….cause the one in the grocery store down there in the valley does not count.


Merry Christmas!

My store is still open and there are a few ornaments still available…but have to place order before the 19th..

Moonflower Studio Christmas Shop

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