Dunton Above Dunton...

Dunton above Dunton

From my Sketch Book July 2010…

“I’m sitting here under the blue sky- in one of those silent but noisy afternoons @ 10,000 ft. or so- up above Dunton, in a meadow of green. Green grass, green skunk cabbage which the girls, this morning, called skunk grass.

There is also a different green grass and green stems of the cloves now not so purple but dried brown and a few dandelions. Looking up there is the green of the aspen leaves and the lodge pole pines and then the distant hill are also green. Two more shades- my markers set only has a few greens, not enough greens for all the greens around here.

It is noisy- the tweet of birds here and there, the occasional crow or rumble of an approaching ATVer on the dirt road I am looking out on- or the annoying high pitched buzz of a mosquito that is not willing to be repelled by the bug spray we have sprayed over ourselves.

The peaks around us are bald- reddish golden rocks piled high on top of each other. Peaks, I am sure at some point, someone, determined whether there there was something of worth inside. The little town, the ghost town of Dunton is way, way down below. Hopefully I remember all the turns we made on the unmarked forest access road, in case Jon gets hit on the head- well the girls would probably remember, well hopefully. Dunton was a ghost town but now rich people fly to it in a helicopter and pay upwards of $700 dollars to “rough” it in a cabin over a hot springs as a personal chef brings them lunch. Named our dog- Dunton. He’d like a personal chef. “

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