Finishing Up the Underside of a Giant Cedar....

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Fall is in the air and it is the first “quiet” Saturday we have had in…..well, since we went up to Glacier National Park the first of the summer it feels like…

For an overview post of Northern Montana’s National Park gem go  HERE  (on my Kelly Lewis Writer’s web page)

For an overview post of Northern Montana’s National Park gem go HERE (on my Kelly Lewis Writer’s web page)

Glacier is split in half by The Going To The Sun Road, that climbs over the Continental Divide. We explored and camped on the east side for two days and then drove west, over the pass….


and descended down in to an emerald world of glacial aqua streams and lakes and lush fern and cedar forests.

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Our first thought was another week would be needed to explore this side of the park but with not even two more days took a walk down The Trail of Cedar’s boardwalk…

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Soon, as usual, Jon was ready to out hike me so I sent him on his way…

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and found just a slightly wet spot to sit and started to draw the bottom of a giant cedar…

_DSC0245 copy.jpg

Not that one, but an old one that had fallen over….

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Sitting there with my moleskin sketchbook and marker it was fun listening to the conversations of those that passed by. Many stopped to see what I was doing and I got to talk to some kids who were interested in Art and were amazed how I was drawing something so complicated…


As always I told them that everything is drawn the same way, you break down your basic shapes and pay attention to how one thing is in relationship to another, no matter how complicated it is. When Jon did come back I took some reference photos and “doodled away” on the roots on my route back to the Four Corners and here at home…

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and now months later and the first of the Fall, it is done!

I still have so much to share from Glacier, including the great fires that descended down on the West Side, just a little while after we had been there… will post links here when I have those done.

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