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Happy Mid Summer to you all!

I've been kind of quiet as of late, but I have been busy building and revamping  Moonflower Studio, my "online studio". The main change is switching my website and my store over to Squarepace, which I could and might write an entire post on how great a platform it 'tis, but first below is the links and  info you need know to connect or reconnect with my Art on line. 

Most Importantly... I have officially spilt my personality! Those who know me won't be too suprised... those who don't know,  I also write and am releasing my first novel Moonflower, as a self published Ebook in February and to keep things straight as possible- am doing my writing under the pen name- Kelly Lewis, which is another post in itself.


If you're interested in my Fabric Collage Art... Moonflower Studio Info is below


Social Media-   I'm moonflowermuse @  FACEBOOK   INSTAGRAM  TWITTER and post almost exactly the same thing on each one...

My old Blog post are still at Moonflower Musing on   From now on, everything Art related will be here on my Moonflower Studio Website... New Art work ,blog post, announcements of Exhibits  and my store- I'm closing the Etsy store.

Plus, because Squarespace templates are way cooler than I could build on my own, I have new offerings like a newsletter- fill out the box and I will be sending out once a month emails highlighting my art, new items in my store and exhibit dates and I might in the future post some videos of my process as well.

For more up to the minute news follow me on facebook, twitter or instagram, linked above. 

Also on the website is information for commission work....HERE

If you are interested in my writing for now- follow me @kellylewis02 on FACEBOOK, TWITTER  where content is pretty much the same or Pinterest where I am creating book research, travel research and photo research for  MOONFLOWER  boards , plus other "bookish" boards for what I read or listen too while stitching away the  hours.  is getting close - and will announce it when it is up. 

So, there you go and below is a new offering for my store-  stitched DAIRY COWS IN VINTAGE WOODEN CHEESE in my store HERE



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