Out With the Old, In With the New...

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In the Four Corners Region, you know where Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona come together, art galleries are at a premium, but there is art spaces in coffee shops, waiting rooms and in Cortez, Colorado there is a great space on the studio walls of Heart and Core Yoga.

Fellow mixed media artist Karen Harris and my artwork will be on display to contemplate while taking classes until February, but this coming Sunday, Janruary 7th from 12:30 until 2:00 pm, I got the key and am offering a private showing, no downward dog required...


In my new work, I've been playing around with vintage containers, such as putting fabric collages in wooden cheese boxes.

cookiecutterangel_africanamericanan0001 copy.jpg
cookiecutterangel_africanamericanan0004 copy.jpg

vintage cookie cutters...


or other vintage container found perusing antique shops on one of our weekend jaunts.


But along with the new work, I have quite a bit of older work, unframed, available for sale. I can either finish it with my own leanings, finish it with your leanings  in a frame or as a textile piece or they can be incorporated as a panel in a larger quilt work you are working on. 


So if your in the area, stop by downtown Cortez, between Market and Chestnut and see what I've been up to or send me an email through the website, if you see anything you like, to check for availability.

This will probably be it for smaller works for a while, first part of 2018 is planned out for a some much larger pieces. 

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